A Passion for Historical Fiction

Since I was a boy I’ve enjoyed reading stories that transport me to a different time and place. One book that left a deep impression on me was a collection of pirate stories I read while camping with my family on a lake somewhere in Ontario. Although I don't remember the title, the author, or even the name of the lake, I do remember being propelled into a world of scurvied cutthroats and beam-breaking gales and galleons full of stolen gold.

There was a sense of discovery - and a thrill - at being swept away in a dangerous and unbelievable adventure. The combination of history and imagination and good storytelling was intoxicating and all consuming. Novels about King Arthur and the American Civil War soon followed, and I was forever altered. I had discovered historical fiction.

So welcome to jodyandrews.net, where I plan to share a bit of history, some of my research and writings, and a lot of my passion for historical fiction with you.